General Site Feedback!

The site is currently still being built up by just me, myself and I! As such, there may be areas of the site that need improved or fixed :see_no_evil:.

If you have any feedback around the site then please let me know here.

Generally posting “the site is shit” will hurt my feelings so please include constructive feedback so I can make it better:

"The site is shit, you should improve this aspect by..." = 🙏

Hi. Love the work. New to Golang so it’s been great to work through the challenges and tutorials.

I do have a couple of bits of feedback.

  • Would it be possible it increase the login timeout please?
  • On the challenge list page (Go Challenges | TutorialEdge.net), would it be possible to mark the completed ones please? I was missing one this morning and had to go through them to find which one.
  • On the challenges, would it be possible to save latest entry to localstorage to make it easy to navigate away and back again?
  • On the challenges, would it be possible to share the tests as a “hint” as an interim step before offering the answers on the forum?

Hope the feedback is taken as constructively as intended.